I handle state and federal civil appeals to the appellate courts (NC clients only).

Estate Planning

Draft wills or revocable living trusts, financial and healthcare powers of attorney, living wills/advance directives, and any related documents.

Consumer Issues

Miscellaneous issues like attempting to recover a security deposit from a landlord, trying to collect a debt that is owed to a client, or dealing with a mechanic or car dealer.

Debt Resolution

This encompasses all management phases of debt and asset protection, including the review of state exemptions and exemption forms if applicable.


I reached out to Rachel to seek advice and input on my options for potential debt liquidation or bankruptcy.  She was immediately responsive and beyond thorough.  I could not have been more impressed or grateful for her help, and she absolutely knows her stuff.  If I ever get in trouble with debt again (let’s hope not!), I’m going back to her.
Honest, compassionate, knowledgeable and highly-competent. If you are suffering with credit issues, be pro-active and call Rachel. In short order, you will have a game plan worked out that is an organized approach providing you with your best options for resolution of your debt problem. Then, you can expect Rachel to step up as an effective and articulate representative on your behalf in communicating and negotiating with any creditor. Rachel fills an important niche for credit sufferers. You can do no better.
I contacted Ms. Hunter regarding what I considered to be a deceptive if not outright fraudulent merchant I had the misfortune of conducting business with.  Her responses to my questions showed exceptional clarity of thought and knowledge of the legal options available to me, and she was extremely thorough and generous with her expertise.  She offered up the pros and cons of each option and was straightforward in her assessments.  I highly recommend Rachel Hunter.
I feel as though Ms. Rachel Lea Hunter would be a good choice for a person seeking fairness and knowledge in assisting them with their problem.  She seems to me to be an experienced lawyer, capable of providing a comprehensive analysis on a given situation.  Ms. Hunter is prompt in answering your question, and I also believe her to be honest and very personable in how she relates to you.  Sincerity is always desirable in an attorney.
As a father being involved in a custody battle who was previously involved with multiple attorneys, Ms. Hunter was the first lawyer who was not interested in my money alone but showed sincere empathy and walked her talk.  Her thorough explanations helped me not only to navigate and to understand the legal implications but also to choose the most promising route for my children and me.  She is also experienced as an appellate attorney.
Do not hesitate to contact Rachel Hunter when you need sound advice with your summons or other legal matter.  I found her name while reading through several blogs and they all spoke highly of her so I reached out to her via email and I am so glad I did.  She was everything I could have hoped for including caring and compassionate.
Ms. Hunter advised as to how to file $5,000 constitutional exemption from Judgment creditors in Fulton County Ga. Her Petition sailed through when I filed it. She did not charge me as I’m senior on SS.  Unique lady in this day and age.
I would like to take the time to thank Ms. Rachel Hunter for assistance in a Civil Summons matter. She was a Godsend for me. Knowledgeable, compassionate, and beyond that a willingness to serve above and beyond. I could not have made it without her and her timely advice and giving nature. I am truly blessed to have had the pleasure of knowing her. Please do not hesitate to reach out to her in your time of need. She will give it to you straight and not let you down! This is something we rarely see in our day and time. I am more than grateful!
Kathy T.
Rachel took the time to help calm my nerves regarding my debt issues. She is very knowledgeable. She shows even people who suffer from mental illness can be helped through tough times with creditors. I would recommend her greatly to anyone needing the help to fix their credit problems. She makes things understandable and easier to deal with. I will be using her for any upcoming legal matters.
Joe S.